Packages by torchlight

  • accumulator Wait to call the final callback until all subtasks have returned.
  • ale Utility belt with some list comprehension, type checking, and Functional Programming helpers.
  • axiom Environment setup/runtime standardization for Node.js applications.
  • axiom-base Base scripts for the Axiom environment.
  • axiom-client Standard client services for Torchlight projects.
  • axiom-mongoose Mongoose extension for Axiom.
  • axiom-server Standard server services for Torchlight projects.
  • law Tools to create policy and validations for services.
  • law-connect Connect middleware for Law.
  • mongo-watch A mongo watcher. This ties into the MongoDB replication oplog, and exposes all data modifications via an EventEmitter.
  • nomad Simple file system walker.
  • particle A library for distributed state synchronization.
  • qi A small DSL for async flow control.
  • relcache In memory cache for relationships.
  • stoic schemas for redis
  • torch CLI logger with colors and deep inspection.
  • traffic Web automation DSL using selenium backend.
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