Packages by travism

  • bridgetown-api Collection of middleware that can be used in combination with express to protect an API. There is also a common API Response module that can be used in all of your API projects.
  • bumblebee Git post push client server application. - Alpha initial publish
  • grasshopper-admin GUI for the grasshopper DMS
  • grasshopper-api HTTP wrapper for grasshopper-core. Grasshopper is a Data Management System (DMS) that makes working with application data easier for both administrators and developers.
  • grasshopper-core Core modules for the grasshopper data management system. A DMS is a layer that sits on top of a database that makes working with the data easier for both administrators and developers.
  • grunt-migrate Wrapper grunt task for the node-migrate module. Very handy if you are going to need a generic interface for your migrations and want to automate them.
  • solid-logger-js solid-logger-js is a project that will create logs in a consistant way between your projects. There are a ton of options when implementing logging in your application. The solid-logger series implements the same tasks across programming languages. The idea is that logging in node projects is identical to php, ruby, etc.
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