Packages by trusktr

  • analog Analog imperfections for your digital images.
  • at-at An AT-AT walker to walk all over your (filesystem) planet.
  • parametric Pseudo method overloading for JavaScript.

Packages Starred by trusktr

  • bigint-node Based off of Leemon Baird's pure javascript BigInteger, provide a big integer library to Node.JS
  • caesar An easy-to-use advanced cryptography library.
  • cat-js JavaScript code highlighter on CLI
  • crypto-js Modularized port of googlecode project crypto-js.
  • editor launch $EDITOR in your program
  • http-master Easy to setup, convenient, universal, parallel, http/https proxy daemon. Setup in 1 minute, run, configure, adapt. Proxying based on excellent node-http-proxy.
  • http-proxy HTTP proxying for the masses
  • jsrsasign pure JavaScript cryptographic library(jsrsasign) and JSON Web Token (JWT) and JSON Web Signature (JWS) library (jsjws) bundle
  • keypair Generate a RSA PEM key pair from pure JS
  • locomotive Powerful MVC web framework for Node.js.
  • mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM
  • nermal The cutest secure JavaScript authenticated encryption container
  • node-bignumber A pure javascript implementation of BigIntegers and RSA crypto.
  • node-rsa Node.js RSA library
  • synchronized Ensure that some code always executes exclusively, in the order it is called
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