Packages by turing

  • xrp a smart Ripple / XRP Gateway based on Node.js
  • pkghub-render a render of pkghub
  • pm2-panel the missing web/mobile panel of pm2 monitor
  • express-common-errors a express error handler express-scaffold built-in
  • mails-flat flat email templates for mails
  • dogecoin dogecoin wallet in Node.js
  • doing a cli todo list designed for geeks
  • charts a chart generator service for easy embed collections of charts in emails
  • player command line interface mp3 player based on Node.js
  • laiwang a Node.js sdk of laiwang
  • docor a smart and tiny doc-maker using default package.json
  • poker a smart signin simulator and testaccounts switcher base on Node
  • startupkit the startup portal connecting people and workflows
  • author a simple token and signature creator for OAuth
  • ascii convert jpg/png/gif to ascii arts based on node-canvas
  • term-animate animation toolkit in your terminal
  • mua the missing blog platform built upon love
  • google-glass sdk of google glass in node.js
  • etager a tiny etag tracker middleware
  • geci fetch lrc data from APIs which provied by geci.me
  • and 59 more
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