Packages by turing

  • o3o a ascii emoticon generator based on Node.js
  • duoshuo duoshuo SDK based on Node.js
  • fitbit-sdk a developer friendly node.js sdk of fitbit
  • mua-wordpress a smart wordpress exporter of [Mua](http://mua.io)
  • charts a chart generator service for easy embed collections of charts in emails
  • express-current the current page middleware express-scaffold built-in
  • lemonode a fresh CMS based on Angular/Node.js/Mongodb
  • express-passport a passport middleware express-scaffold built-in
  • doing a cli todo list designed for geeks
  • 23andme a api wrapper of api.23andme.com
  • term-list-enhanced a enhancement for term-list
  • coin the price board for all kind of coins
  • ascii convert jpg/png/gif to ascii arts based on node-canvas
  • candy-theme-flat the default theme of candy
  • mails-default the default theme of mails
  • peercoin a api wrapper of peercoin
  • startupkit the startup portal connecting people and workflows
  • pkghub a package hub for human, based on NPM iteself.
  • tao a simple and sexy http server for templates
  • mails-flat flat email templates for mails
  • and 59 more
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