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  • gmms-worker This worker should ping the cloudq searching for alert jobs.
  • express-couchdb-core A core rest api for a couchdb database
  • thug-filters A filter add-on for thug functional model
  • thug-couch An add-on module to use couchdb as a document db for Thug models
  • couchdb-expired This worker can be launched by cron or other scheduler to run daily and bulk deletions all expired documents from your couchdb databases.
  • express-couchdb-fs An express module that adds a couchDb file service api to any express app.
  • cloudq-worker Base Worker Module for Cloudq
  • x-persona This express module creates three endpoints to manage authentication using the `Persona` service.
  • sql-templar A sql template module that takes a template based approach to mysql queries
  • pushp A module that attaches an object value to an object array.
  • ntime A simple application that returns the system time!
  • cando An authorization module
  • thug-encrypt A thug filter module for encrypting passwords
  • ask ask user prompt for nodejs
  • s3foo push your website to s3 with a single command.
  • ndate A syscall similar to POSIX Date for NodeOs
  • x-forward This is some express middleware that creates a forward proxy.
  • cloudq3 ERROR: No file found!
  • w3 A nodejs http file server
  • thug-validations An add-on module for Thug models. Thug is a functional approach to orm filters and validations.
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