Packages by volkan

  • circulate A template-based bulk e-mail sending solution.
  • coedit
  • enchantress Reads a file; executes what's in it; puts the output to another file.
  • jfdi A Hacker's Way of Getting $#!% Done
  • o2 Node.js module export for o2.js JavaScript Framework
  • o2.ajax o2.js AJAX Helpers
  • o2.debug o2.js console helper
  • o2.functional o2.js Functional Programming Utility Methods
  • o2.io o2.js FileSystem-related methods
  • o2.object o2.js object-related methods
  • o2.string o2.js String utility methods
  • o2.then o2.js Deferred Helpers - A Promises/A+ Compliant Deferred Library
  • o2.timer o2.js timer utility methods
  • o2.validate o2.js validation-related methods
  • o2.validation o2.js validation-related methods
  • revolve image revolver
  • saturn saturn ======
  • scribbler
  • steward A service to continuously watch your computer's desktop and warn you if anything changes on the screen.
  • vanillin
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