Packages by vzaccaria

  • chained A DSL inspired chaining library. Needs Harmony to work in browser and node
  • fluent-fsm DSL to comfortably define finite state machines for node.js
  • fsmexpress Expressive finite state machines
  • md2pdf Convenient pandoc+xelatex command line wrapper to easily style output pdf
  • opencl-device-query opencl device query for dummies - sparklines for terminal yay!
  • procjs Extended `ps` commands (json output, fuzzy string matching) and REST server exporting current process list.
  • publish-npm-cli Generate boilerplate package.json for my projects
  • showcase-web Clean slate for webapps - integrated with angular and bootstrap
  • sweet-angle Write angularjs directives with ease
  • swiss-deploy-knife A tool to easy out deployment and log analysis
  • wmake Generate makefiles for webapps
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