Packages by williamwicks

  • bndlr CDN & Dev friendly static content bundler
  • consumer Consume Javascipt strings character-by-character.
  • eachfile Iterate the files of a directory
  • eachline Streams2 line reader
  • en Tiny environment helper
  • extensions Doin' freaky nasty things to the built in prototypes.
  • ipp Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) for nodejs
  • irc-channels Add channel support to irc-connect
  • irc-connect Minimal IRC connection that simply emits event objects. Plugin modules can do the rest.
  • irc-replies RFC 1459 IRC reply codes
  • ldml A module to query the CLDR xml data with inheritance
  • litesocket Realtime server events for Node.JS, using Server Sent Events (SSE)
  • postals postal code centroids
  • propex Propex parses string expressions that provide taversal information about an object
  • propex-validation Uses Propex to validate javascript objects
  • sixchars SixChars ========
  • speak A repo of i18n data available to any programming language that can read JSON
  • sqlbits An assortment of powerful & well tested functions that assist in building SQL statements

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