Packages by wyatt

  • nodenext nodenext ========
  • danger-shield Module for controlling arduino danger shield
  • lab Test utility
  • boom HTTP-friendly error objects
  • diamonator Simple router
  • reflektor Hapi plugin for logging stdout/stderr to browser console
  • good Server and process monitoring plugin
  • members Membership module for credential storage and validation
  • catbox Multi-strategy object caching service
  • makemehapi Learn all about [hapi](http://hapijs.com) through a series of challenges.
  • joi Object schema validation
  • yar Cookie jar plugin
  • poop Plugin for taking a process dump on uncaught exception
  • tv Interactive debug console plugin for hapi
  • hoek General purpose node utilities
  • shot Injects a fake HTTP request/response into a node HTTP server
  • prettyprint Pretty print JSON streams
  • auth-server OAuth Server for v2.31 of spec
  • confidence Configuration API
  • hapi HTTP Server framework
  • and 5 more

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