Packages Starred by xtopher

  • pageres Get screenshots of websites in different resolutions
  • jasmine-node DOM-less simple JavaScript BDD testing framework for Node
  • gittio Install Titanium modules and Alloy widgets
  • ti-stealth Remove console logging from your Titanium apps.
  • yeoman The Yeoman CLI is deprecated. See http://yeoman.io/migrate.html for more info.
  • acs Appcelerator Server Side Node
  • grunt The JavaScript Task Runner
  • tishadow Quick Titanium previews across devices
  • underscore JavaScript's functional programming helper library.
  • hyperloop hyperloop compiler
  • alloy Appcelerator Titanium MVC Framework
  • underscore-cli Command-line interface to underscore.js - useful for shell scripting and JSON processing
  • jshint Static analysis tool for JavaScript
  • ti-inspector Debug Appcelerator Titanium apps in Chrome DevTools
  • ticons Generate Titanium & Alloy icons, splash and other assets
  • grunt-cli The grunt command line interface.
  • forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)
  • titanium Appcelerator Titanium Command line
  • yo CLI tool for scaffolding out Yeoman projects
  • angular AngularJS provided as a CommonJS module. Compiled with jsdom when running in Node. Useful for client-side apps built with Browserify and for testing AngularJS code in Node without depending on a browser.
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