Packages by yhahn

  • backbone-simpledb AWS SimpleDB sync backend for backbone.js.
  • bones-auth User model with password based authentication for Bones.
  • backbone-proxy
  • mapbox.js mapbox javascript api
  • codemirror-palettehints a codemirror plugin that adds color hints to text
  • mirror
  • bones Framework for using backbone.js on the client and server.
  • morton Calculate morton numbers and Z-order codes
  • wax Tools for improving web maps.
  • eio Control libeio from JavaScript
  • millstone Prepares datasources in an MML file for consumption in Mapnik
  • carmen Mapnik vector-tile-based geocoder with support for swappable data sources.
  • zlib Simple, synchronous deflate/inflate for buffers
  • tilemill A modern map design studio.
  • srs Spatial reference library for node
  • markers Simple markers for Modest Maps
  • tilelive-memcached memcached wrapping source for tilelive
  • sqlite3 Asynchronous, non-blocking SQLite3 bindings
  • tilelive Frontend for various tile backends, mapnik and mbtiles
  • tilemill-reference-layer Add MapBox Streets or a custom map as a base layer.
  • and 33 more
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