Packages by zeekay

  • namecheck Namecheck npm like a pro.
  • postmortem When code dies, it deserves a proper autopsy. Stacktrace library with sourcemap support.
  • brief Generate and publish Github pages quickly and easily.
  • ex A razor-sharp DSL for express inspired by Zappa.
  • mastermind Unleash your inner supervillain. Cloud automation for evil geniuses.
  • requisite A cosmic javascript bundler.
  • brief-highlight.js Syntax highlighting with language autodetection.
  • modelist Automagically generate Backbone routes from Mongoose models.
  • chainable Create fluent asynchronous APIs.
  • mixup music on the internet
  • flunky Where would a mastermind be without his flunkies?
  • lincoln Presidential logging. Fancy loggers for winston.
  • sente Highly experimental ECS.
  • bebop Code ninja, code ninja go! Develop at breakneck speeds.
  • notakebacks Realtime synchronzied immutable chat application.
  • shh Quiet the ssh client.
  • executive Elegant command execution.
  • rocksteady Drink blazin' electric death, downtime! Fast, zero-downtime apps for production enviroments.
  • die Application and asset management to die for.
  • sexytime WebRTC videochat
  • and 2 more
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