Packages by znetstar

  • bundlecamp-xbox-live A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data
  • bundlecamper-xbox-live A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data
  • bundlecamper-xbox-live-module A utility for fetching xbox live gamer data
  • express-jsdom Server-side DOM for express
  • jquery-color A jQuery plugin that adds color animation support.
  • jquery-in-place-editor A jQuery edit in place plugin
  • jquery-xdomainajax This small mod for jQuery enables you to make GET requests, accross domains! You can use jQuery's Ajax methods as you usually would.
  • simple-uuid Simple UUID's
  • touch-scroll touchScroll is a lightweight jQuery plugin that enables inline scrollable content in mobile Safari on iOS, and other WebKit, touch-based browsers on Android.
  • twit-old Twitter API client for node (REST & Streaming)
  • znetstar-artemis Basic web scraping library. Includes support for HTML parsing, JSDOM (virtual dom) and PhantomJS (headless webkit)
  • znetstar-hermes Simple wrapper for redirecting log output and notifying the user when a command has completed
  • znetstar-zeus A rudimentary framework for loading common, essential node.js applications
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