Server-side Backbone.sync adapter using super agent.

npm install backbone-super-sync
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Backbone Super Sync

A server-side Backbone.sync adapter that does HTTP requests in node using super-agent.


var Backbone = require('backbone');
Backbone.sync = require('backbone-super-sync');

Adding to the Backbone.sync request

Sometimes you need to add to the requests made by Backbone.sync, such as adding an XAPP token. Backbone Super Sync provides the method editRequest to intercept the super-agent request object before the request is made.

NOTE: This is injected into ALL server-side Backbone.sync calls. This behaves signifcantly different than when Backbone is used on the client. For instance you should not use this to add user-specific data to a request like an oauth access token or similar identifier where as on the client you might want to inject that kind of data sync-wide b/c the browser only represents one user.

var Backbone = require('backbone');
var superSync = require('backbone-super-sync');
superSync.editRequest(function(req) {
  req.set({ 'XAPP-TOKEN': 'foobar' });
Backbone.sync = superSync;

The arguments of Backbone.sync are also passed to editRequest in case you need to globally adjust the request based off options or otherwise.

superSync.editRequest(function(req, method, model, options) {
  req.set({ 'X-ACCESS-TOKEN': options.user.get('access_token') });


Please fork the project and submit a pull request with tests. Install node modules npm install and run tests with make test



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