Inject compiled jade templates as functions in browserify modules

npm install browjadify
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browserify jade template inliner

This module is a plugin for browserify to parse the AST for compileJade() calls so that you can inline compiled jade template contents into your bundles.



var tmpl = compileJade(__dirname + '/a.jade')

Applying the transform with the browserify CLI:

browserify . -o bundle.js -t browjadify

Applying the transform with the browserify CLI, but configuring via package.json:

browserify . -o bundle.js
  "browserify": {
    "transform": [ "browjadify" ]

Applying the transform with the browserify API:

var browserify = require('browserify')

var b = browserify('main.js')


The line from main.js now looks something like this, depending on the contents of a.jade:

var tmpl = function anonymous (locals) {
  //... jade temaplate body here

Pre v1 had some weird 'ignore' shit going on avoid the jade compiler from being added to your browser bundle. I'm pleased to say that this is now gone!

Happy templating!

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