Subjective CouchDB client that wraps nano

npm install chair
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Relax, here is a nice comfy chair for your CouchDB.


With npm do

npm install chair


CouchDB module that wraps the clean api of nano and steals a feature from cradle. I found myself including both cradle and nano in a project just to use the easy design document saving of cradle. I decided in order to keep everything minimal, to implement a way to save views, allowing my views to be more reusable and removing the dependency of cradle.

Use Cases:

// Same API as nano
var chair = require('chair')('http://localhost:5984/test');

Example design doc (written as a module)

module.exports = {
    views: {
        findAll: {
            map: function (doc) {

Design doc can be written as regular javascript and easily added to a database

var designDoc = require('./designDoc');'_design/test', designDoc, function (err, body, header) {
    if(!err) {
        // Should show successful insert
        // The logic is set to auto replace on conflict


  • View saving functions
  • Tests
  • Docs (Check out nano docs for most of the query functions)




To both @dscape and @cloudhead for both of their modules.

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