Packages by jcrugzz

  • npm-pkg-top Lists the top packages by npm stars, github stars, and depended upon
  • utile A drop-in replacement for `util` with some additional advantageous functions
  • new-mod2 other test
  • fortress Fortress is designed for the defense of client side applications.
  • memory-producer Emits average memory of your node process at a particular ttl as a readable stream
  • haibu A node.js application server - spawn your own node.js clouds, on your own hardware
  • couch-stream
  • routable Route matching and testing, nothing more than that. As simple as it could be.
  • solenoid Jump start an application. `solenoid` is a binary script that does the following:
  • new-mod test module
  • changes-stream Simple module that handles getting changes from couchdb
  • npm-registry An high available npm registry client
  • doorkeeper SSH login based on keys from composer
  • opensecrets opensecrets API client for node.js
  • sendgrid-stream sends an email on each data event received
  • extract-github Extract the Github project / repository URL from a given object
  • pagelet pagelet
  • shrinkwrap npm shrinkwrap parser, generation and comparison
  • smart-private-npm An intelligent routing proxy for npm with support for: private, whitelisted, and blacklisted packaged
  • back Simple exponential backoff pulled out of Primus by @3rd-Eden
  • and 67 more

Packages Starred by jcrugzz

  • godot Godot is a streaming real-time event processor written in node.js
  • level Fast & simple storage - a Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper (a convenience package bundling LevelUP & LevelDOWN)
  • leveldown-hyper A Node.js LevelDB binding, primary backend for LevelUP (HyperDex fork)
  • levelup Fast & simple storage - a Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper
  • multi-redis Use a hashring to manage distributing load to multiple redis clients
  • new-mod2 other test
  • penv A package.json enviroment manager
  • soundscrape SoundCloud command line downloader
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