Packages by jcrugzz

  • prompt A beautiful command-line prompt for node.js
  • window-stream A collection of streams for Windowing events
  • follow Extremely robust, fault-tolerant CouchDB changes follower
  • marked-stream streaming interface for converting markdown to html with marked
  • trailers Automatically defer all written headers to Trailing headers after the headers have been writen.
  • pagelet pagelet
  • tcp-proxy A simple TCP proxy using node.js based on the work of node-http-proxy
  • composer-api composer API client wrapper
  • notifi generic notifications/webhook client lib. Meant for use with slack/hipchat or generic webhooks
  • githulk Small but powerful Github client
  • temper Temper compiles template for client and server side usage.
  • loggly A client implementation for Loggly cloud Logging-as-a-Service API
  • flatiron-http-users Encapsulated routes and resources for managing users in flatiron HTTP apps
  • containerization Front-end code containization through iframes
  • overwatch A deterministic couchdb replication watcher
  • winston-loggly A Loggly transport for winston
  • director A client Side/Server Side Router
  • new-mod test module
  • buffr A simple psuedo stream that captures and stores the data that is piped through it
  • chair Subjective CouchDB client that wraps nano
  • and 67 more

Packages Starred by jcrugzz

  • godot Godot is a streaming real-time event processor written in node.js
  • level Fast & simple storage - a Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper (a convenience package bundling LevelUP & LevelDOWN)
  • leveldown-hyper A Node.js LevelDB binding, primary backend for LevelUP (HyperDex fork)
  • levelup Fast & simple storage - a Node.js-style LevelDB wrapper
  • multi-redis Use a hashring to manage distributing load to multiple redis clients
  • new-mod2 other test
  • penv A package.json enviroment manager
  • soundscrape SoundCloud command line downloader
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