Fake identities generator for node.js (names, addresses, phones, IPs and others). Supports multiple languages.

npm install charlatan
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This is node.js port of ruby's Faker library, that generates fake identities for names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and others.

See API Documentation for details.


Install Charlatan from npm registry:

$ npm install charlatan


var Charlatan = require('charlatan');

var name    =;       // Joshua Lemke MD
var email   =;  //
var company =;    // Wilkinson LLC


Different countries have different data formats. Charlatan support locales as solution of this problem.

Currently available locales are here, en is default.

var Charlatan = require('charlatan');

Also you can use your own locale in yaml, json or plain hash.

var Charlatan = require('charlatan');
Charlatan.addLocale(myLocaleName, myLocaleFile);

Note: If phrase not found in current locale, charlatan tries to then fallback into to base language, and then to en. For example ru_RU -> ru -> en.


Author Eugene Shkuropat

Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.

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