A bridge for using Claire in Mocha

npm install claire-mocha
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Claire for Mocha

Claire for Mocha is a library that makes it easier to use the [Claire][] property-based testing library in Mocha.


Just use Claire for Mocha's forAll to define your properties:

global <<< require 'claire-mocha'
global <<< (require 'claire').data
{ for-all } = require 'claire'

describe 'Lists' ->
  o 'Concatenation' -> do
                       for-all (List Int), (List Int)
                       .satisfy (xs, ys) -> (xs.length + ys.length) is (xs ++ ys).length

And run Mocha as you normally would:

$ mocha

    ✓ - Concatenation should yield lists with the same size


$ npm install claire-mocha


MIT/X11. ie.: Do whatever you want.

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