another smart and colorful console logger

npm install consoler
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another smart and colorful console logger


How to install

$ npm install consoler

Sample code

var consoler = require('consoler');

// check out in your console
consoler.log('success','hey dude, well done !');

// or use default tag
consoler.log('hey dude, well done !');

// or use shortcuts
consoler.loading('wait a moment!');

Run demos

$ git clone
$ cd consoler/demo
$ node demo.js

Text align

text align defalut length is 8, try to change edge length like this:


Colors Map

feel free to add your labels and colors in ./colors.json or add your event and the color

var consoler = require('consoler');

Run unit-test (Mocha)

$ git clone
$ cd consoler
$ npm install 
$ npm test
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