Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.

npm install cortex-canary
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A commonjs development environment focused on browser-side projects.

Cortex is not another JavaScript task runner nor a unsophisticated package manager.

Cortex is NOT designed for a 15-minutes project.


What we are trying to.

CommonJS Package Manager

Cortex could manage javascript modules based on commonjs. NOT just download these modules and place them into somewhere like Jamjs, cortex will make them united and provide a possible way to let them really work together, like Npm with NodeJS.

Besides, cortex will never support, or at least make less effort on, non-commonjs javascript modules.

Development Environment

Cortex never do the fighting alone, but works with a bunch of other tools, which makes it an integral system and a development environment that release your anxiety from the very beginning, creating repos, managing dependencies, collaborating with others, testing, and to the final deployment.

Design for the Web

Cortex only cares about javascript modules for the web.

Let’s Be Stupid

Cortex is trying its best to supply easy-to-use APIs, do as much more tasks as possible on its own and free your both hands.

What you have to do, is just saying hello to your world and creating things useful.

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