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  • typo-image Typo-image is an ANSI image plugin for typo - draw images into command-line (CLI)!
  • cortex-search Cortex plugin to search a package from registry by keywords or name.
  • grunt-tube Install grunt tasks once and once is annoying.
  • code-this Code-this is node.js module that converts JavaScript variables into source codes. Unlike `JSON.stringify`, code-this also deals with reference(object) types of variables.
  • cleaner
  • neocortex-sync A provider for dependency analytics and combo strategy
  • jshintrc Common configuration of jshint for product environment.
  • cortex Cortex is an npm-like package manager for the web.
  • neocortex A provider for dependency analytics and combo strategy
  • typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.
  • ograph Print the structure graph of an JavaScript object.
  • color-diff Implemets the CIEDE2000 color difference algorithm, conversion between RGB and LAB color and mapping all colors in palette X to the closest color in palette Y based on the CIEDE2000 difference.
  • nodejshell
  • cortex-test-package Cortex package for testing.
  • components Upstage component library.
  • mutter
  • neuronjs Neuron is a very simple [CommonJS](http://wiki.commonjs.org) module loader.
  • hum Hum, hum could run grunt inside a specified cwd and search tasks from the given paths.
  • deferrer Deferrer is a fast promise-object generator.
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Packages Starred by kael

  • cli-table Pretty unicode tables for the CLI
  • co generator async flow control goodness
  • gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js
  • inquirer A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.
  • thunkify Turn callbacks, arrays, generators, generator functions, and promises into a thunk
  • yeoman-generator Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding for your apps
  • yo CLI tool for scaffolding out Yeoman projects
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