Packages by kael

  • mysql-wrapper Mysql-wrapper is a wrapper of node-mysql to improve fault tolerance, including enhanced query generator and data escaping powered by typo template engine
  • tour Trie-based URL Routing
  • snarl
  • neocortex A provider for dependency analytics and combo strategy
  • stares Stares is a inter-process node.js module to manage multiple file watchers.
  • spawns Spawns could run a list of commands or piped commands.
  • comfort Comfort is a much better node.js commander solution for sub commands.
  • trait Trait is a smart attribute manager. Not traits in ruby, just because good names are already taken and even not used.
  • cleaner
  • replier replier
  • deferrer Deferrer is a fast promise-object generator.
  • code-this Code-this is node.js module that converts JavaScript variables into source codes. Unlike `JSON.stringify`, code-this also deals with reference(object) types of variables.
  • npm-dir Utility method to get global npm.dir
  • modified Modified is a simple request client to deal with http local caches.
  • nodeshell
  • neocortex-sync A provider for dependency analytics and combo strategy
  • typo-rgb The [typo](https://github.com/kaelzhang/typo) plugin to output full 8-bit colors (256 RGB colors) in command-line (CLI)!
  • ignore Ignore is a manager and filter for .gitignore rules.
  • typo Typo is a scalable template engine designed for cli, which help to format your console output! Typo supports full 256-color ANSI background and foreground, underline, italic, etc.
  • ctx-old Front-end package management, publish tools for CI & automation
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Packages Starred by kael

  • cli-table Pretty unicode tables for the CLI
  • co generator async flow control goodness
  • gm GraphicsMagick and ImageMagick for node.js
  • inquirer A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.
  • thunkify Turn callbacks, arrays, generators, generator functions, and promises into a thunk
  • yeoman-generator Rails-inspired generator system that provides scaffolding for your apps
  • yo CLI tool for scaffolding out Yeoman projects
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