Evented object and array operations with the events library of your choice.

npm install empty
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Evented object and array operations with the events library of your choice. Or a Model class.

This is a work in progress and I don't expect you to use this at all.

This little library should fit modular, diy MV* architectures where:

  • Plain classes for models and plain arrays for collections just suffice.
  • You're already working with an EventeEmitter library in your project and don't want every other libray you use having its own implementation of pub/sub.
  • You want to listen for changes on regular and/or custom operations.


Use with browserify or gluejs. With npm do:

npm install empty


  • Write API docs.
  • Write example.

Example of possible usage

You need an external EventEmitter library. Require it and require Empty.

var Empty = require('empty');
var EventEmitter3 = require('eventemitter3');

Call Empty.configure with the EventEmitter library as 'events' in a hash:

  events: EventEmitter3

Make an instance, new is optional. Pass in your actual model object.

var collection = new Empty([1, 2, 3, 4]);

Use it like this:

collection.on('push', function (array, elem) {
    console.log('pushed ' + elem + ' to numbers collection');

> 5
> 'pushed 5 to numbers collection'

> 5


I'm writing this for mainly one reason: to learn JavaScript.

All kind of feedback is very welcome.

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