Use shelljs and execSync to get full windows compatability for http-sync

npm install http-sync-win
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Use shelljs to get full windows compatability for http-sync

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Add both http-sync and http-sync-win to your optional dependencies:

  "optionalDependencies": {
    "http-sync": "0.0.4",
    "http-sync-win": "0.0.4"


To use, simply try and require http-sync and fall back to http-sync-win (which is much less efficient).

var http;
try {
  http = require('http-sync');
} catch (ex) {
  http = require('http-sync-win');
// see for API

Note that if you are able to install native dependencies and libcurl is available, http-sync will be much kinder to your hard drive and CPU so please use that. Once node v0.12 comes out this library can be updated to use child_process.execSync and will become a much more efficient option.



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