A duplex streaming IRC bot built on top of `irc`

npm install irc-stream
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irc-stream is a minimalistic, streaming bot wrapper for the irc module.

irc-stream will relay any combination of the following:

  • channel messages addressed to the desired client name (default on)
  • pms (default off)

These messages are available as a readable stream, and can thus be piped into a writable stream. Messages can be written like for a writable stream, and messages sent will be sent in the channel/pm.


Ideally, use it with gu:

var ircStream = require('irc-stream')(ircServer, ircName, ircModuleOpts, ircStreamOpts);
var gu = require('gu')(scriptPath, scriptFiles);


The first three irc-stream arguments are simply passed through to the irc module.


The fourth argument dictate how we listen on IRC:

  allErrors: Boolean, // ignore all error events to the `irc` client - default `true`
  noChan: Boolean,    // ignore channel directed messages - default `false`
  answerPms: Boolean, //  respond to private messages - default `true`
  announcerMode: Boolean // don't respond directly in channel - default `false`
  conversationMode: Boolean // always respond directly in channel - default `false`
  participationChance: Number // percentage probability to respond without being addressed - default `0`

NB: Can only do one of announcerMode and conversationMode.


$ npm install irc-stream --save

Running tests

Install development dependencies

$ npm install

Run the tests

$ npm test


MIT-Licensed. See LICENSE file for details.

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