makes it easy to stream json over tcp using netstrings

npm install jotan
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playing with sending framed data over tcp sockets. because udp in node is slow.

Work in progress

jotan — json over tcp and netstrings


how to connect to a server

var jotan = require('jotan')

var j = jotan(PORT, HOST)
j.send(new Buffer("c"))

setTimeout(function() {
  j.send({ life: 'rocks!' })

  // fails due to default 1000ms timeout on the server
  setTimeout(function() {
    j.send({ life: 'rocks!' })
  }, 1100)

}, 500)


See test.js for an example.


  • client
    • reconnect
    • emit errors
    • chainable
    • pipeable
  • server
    • expose a server
    • what to do when client sends bad data
    • emit errors
    • chainable
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