JSON.parse with bigints support

npm install json-bigint
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JSON.parse/stringify with bigints support. Based on Douglas Crockford JSON.js package and bignumber.js library.

While most JSON parsers assume numeric values have same precision restrictions as IEEE 754 double, JSON specification does not say anything about number precision. Any floating point number in decimal (optionally scientific) notation is valid JSON value. It's a good idea to serialize values which might fall out of IEEE 754 integer precision as strings in your JSON api, but { "value" : 9223372036854775807}, for example, is still a valid RFC4627 JSON string, and in most JS runtimes the result of JSON.parse is this object: { value: 9223372036854776000 }



var JSONbig = require('json-bigint');

var json = '{ "value" : 9223372036854775807, "v2": 123 }';
console.log('Input:', json);

console.log('node.js bult-in JSON:')
var r = JSON.parse(json);
console.log('JSON.parse(input).value : ', r.value.toString());
console.log('JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(input)):', JSON.stringify(r));

console.log('\n\nbig number JSON:');
var r1 = JSONbig.parse(json);
console.log('JSON.parse(input).value : ', r1.value.toString());
console.log('JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(input)):', JSONbig.stringify(r1));


Input: { "value" : 9223372036854775807, "v2": 123 }

node.js bult-in JSON:
JSON.parse(input).value :  9223372036854776000
JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(input)): {"value":9223372036854776000,"v2":123}

big number JSON:
JSON.parse(input).value :  9223372036854775807
JSON.stringify(JSON.parse(input)): {"value":9223372036854775807,"v2":123}

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