Extract JSON front matter from strings and files

npm install json-front-matter
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Extract JSON front matter from strings and files in the style of Jekyll's YAML Front Matter.


  • npm install json-front-matter


  • parse( s ) Parses string s, returning an object with properties attributes, containing the JSON front matter, and body containing the rest.
  • parseFile( path, callback( err, data )) Parses file at path, calling the callback upon completion with data object containing attributes and body, like the string parse method.


var fm = require('json-front-matter');

var string = '{{{ "title" : "some title", "array" : [ 1, 2, 3 ] }}} bodybodybody';
var out = fm.parse( string );

console.log( out.body ) // 'bodybodybody'
console.log( out.attributes.title ) // 'some title'
console.log( out.attributes.array ) // [ 1, 2, 3 ]

File Example

See ./tests/data/test.md for example of JSON Front Matter in a markdown file. The outer JSON is encapsulated via triple curly brackets. {{{ "tags" : [ 'rock', 'paper', 'scissors' ] }}}


Run node tests/runTests.js from project root -- testing uses nodeunit

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