Jsonix with some smarts

npm install jsonix-smart
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Smart context for Jsonix


Jsonix is a JavaScript dealie for Java's JAXB system. Take a look at the jsonix website for more information.

Jsonix-Smart provides some additional features that make Jsonix a bit easier to work with in node.js. Namely some integration with xmldom and additional runtime class generation to make it easier to pass instances of XML elements around.

Right now it's using a vendored copy of Jsonix's runtime libraries because there isn't an official npm release. If that changes in the future, so will Jsonix-Smart.


Every single release of this package will involve API breakages right now. I suggest that one uses exact version specifiers if one is to use this package.


Right now you'll have to build Jsonix from source to generate mappings, as the format of the 1.2.x series is different to 1.3.x. This library has been written against SVN revision 277. This SVN revision is also where the code in the vendor directory came from.

After you generate mappings, you'll have to process them with the jsonix-convert-mappings program included with Jsonix-Smart.

Consider the documentation here to be lazily evaluated. If someone ever finds and wants to use this, bug me and I'll write some docs and answer your questions.


  • Jsonix: 3-clause BSD.
  • Jsonix-Smart: 3-clause BSD. A copy is included with the source.


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