Render views with almost any templating engine

npm install koa-views
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koa views

Render views with almost any templating engine.


$ npm install koa-views


app.use(views('./views', 'jade', {
  html: underscore

app.use(function* (next) {
  this.locals = {
    session: this.session,
    title: 'app'

  console.log(this.locals); // {session: {_id: ...}, title: app}

  // Render html with underscore.
  yield this.render('index.html', {
    user: 'John'

  // Render jade.
  yield this.render('index', {
    user: 'Prick'

For full examples take a look at the ./examples folder.


views([path, ] ext [, map])

  • path: Path to your views [__dirname]
  • ext: Default extension name to use when none specified
  • map: Map an engine to a extension. This is only necessary if you want to map an engine to a different extension than the engine name itself.



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