Packages by niftylettuce

  • email-templates Node.js module for rendering beautiful emails with ejs, jade, swig, hbs, or handlebars templates and email-friendly inline CSS using juice.
  • github-growl Cross-platform desktop notifications for your Github repositories.
  • pomodoro-timer Free Pomodoro┬« Technique command line web app timer.
  • express-cdn-maxcdn Add-on module for express-cdn to provide MaxCDN integration with Amazon S3.
  • enom Node.js library for accessing Enom's API at <>
  • getprove Prove API wrapper
  • pantone Find the nearest PMS color using hex or rgb colors from CLI or as a dependency.
  • filenode api wrapper for
  • startupsupper Recipes for Bootstrappers & Hungry Hackers
  • passport-shopify Shopify authentication strategy for passport
  • express-cdn-cloudfront Add-on module for express-cdn to provide Amazon CloudFront integration with Amazon S3.
  • sincerely Node.js library for accessing Sincerely's Web API at <>
  • nyancat Print a nyan cat to the console.
  • timeslot
  • niftylettuce-replace Command line search and replace utility
  • nifty-mongoose-types Additional types for Mongoose based off @bnoguchi's mongoose-types module
  • express-cdn Node.js module for delivering optimized, minified, mangled, gzipped, and CDN-hosted assets in Express using S3 and CloudFront.
  • netdna NetDNA API wrapper and CLI for node.js.
  • bootstrap-express-messages Express flash notification message rendering for Twitter Bootstrap
  • giggity It's Quagmire, Quagmire ... on your CLI!
  • and 18 more
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