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npm install mongoose-query
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mongoose query creator. Alternative for mongoose-api-query but without schema understanding. This very simple library can be used for example expressjs+mongoose applications to help construct mongoose query model directly from url parameters.

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Use npm:

npm install mongoose-query

Usage Example

var QueryPlugin = require(mongoose-query);
var TestSchema = new mongoose.Schema({});
var testmodel = mongoose.model('test', TestSchema);

//express route
module.exports = function query(req, res) {
  testmodel.query(req.query, function(error, data){
    res.json(error?{error: error}:data);

Query string example


Converted to:

model.find({group: "users"}).select("name").skip(1).limit(5).populate('name')



q=<query> - restrict results by the specified JSON query
   regex e.g. q='{"field":{"$regex":"/mygrep/", "$options":"i"}}'
t=<type> - find|findOne|count|aggregate|distinct..
f=<set of fields> - specify the set of fields to include or exclude in each document 
                    (1 - include; 0 - exclude)
s=<sort order> - specify the order in which to sort each specified field 
                 (1- ascending; -1 - descending), JSON
sk=<num results to skip> - specify the number of results to skip in the result set; 
                            useful for paging
l=<limit> - specify the limit for the number of results (default is 1000)
p=<populate> - specify the fields for populate
fl=<boolean> - Flat results or not

alternative search conditions:
"key={in}a,b"       "At least one of these is in array"
"key={nin}a,b"      "Any of these values is not in array"
"key={all}a,b"      "All of these contains in array"
"key={empty}-"      "Field is empty or not exists"
"key={mod}a,b"      "Docs where key mod a is b"
"key={gt}a"         "Docs key is greater than a"
"key={lt}a"         "Docs key is lower than a"
"key=a|b|c"         "Docs where type of key is Array and contains at least one of given value


     nest: {
         ed: {
             data: 'value',

 {'': 'value',
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