pipe streams with centralized error handling

npm install multipipe
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A better Stream#pipe that creates duplex streams and lets you handle errors in one place.

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var pipe = require('multipipe');

// pipe streams
var stream = pipe(streamA, streamB, streamC);

// centralized error handling
stream.on('error', fn);

// creates a new stream

Duplex streams

Write to the pipe and you'll really write to the first stream, read from the pipe and you'll read from the last stream.

var stream = pipe(a, b, c);


In this example the flow of data is:

  • source ->
  • a ->
  • b ->
  • c ->
  • destination

Error handling

Each pipe forwards the errors the streams it wraps emit, so you have one central place to handle errors:

var stream = pipe(a, b, c);

stream.on('error', function(err){
  // called three times

a.emit('error', new Error);
b.emit('error', new Error);
c.emit('error', new Error);


pipe(stream, ...)

Pass a variable number of streams and each will be piped to the next one.

A stream will be returned that wraps passed in streams in a way that errors will be forwarded and you can write to and/or read from it.


$ npm install multipipe



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