Node.JS Connect module for no-www redirection

npm install nowww
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Redirects any domain with www to the same site without it.

  • ->
  • ->


In short:

All domains should have a www for backwards compatibility with what early adopters of the internet have come to expect (and ctrl+enter adds it). However, those domains should redirect to the root of the domain.

  • it means we type four fewer charaters
  • we don't type http:// anymore, why would we type www.?
  • it's what the cool kids do (i.e. github)
  • ftp, irc, ssh, etc all have their own protocols. Why should the web also have a prefix?


npm install nowww


(function () {
  "use strict";

  var connect = require('connect') // or express
    , nowww = require('nowww')
    , server

  server = connect.createServer()
    .use(connect.static(__dirname + '/'))

  console.log('Listening on ', 3000);
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