Packages by coolaj86

  • pakmanager A demo package manager using the pakman API.
  • json-minify A commandline utility to minify JSON files
  • connect_router The original router from connect 1.x - the High performance middleware framework
  • ahr2 An Abstract Http Request for Node.JS (http/https) and the Browser (XMLHttpRequeuest2). For `npm install ahr2` for Node and `pakmanager build` for Ender / Pakmanager. It should be required as `var request = require('ahr2')`
  • tar-async Asynchronous tar and untar
  • util Node.JS util module
  • json-urlencode A commandline utility to urlencode JSON files
  • json-storage A wrapper for storage engines which use the W3C Storage API
  • ldsorg A JavaScript library for accessing with Node.js or a browser
  • events.node Node.JS events module (packaged for Node.JS and Ender.JS)
  • Blob HTML5 FileAPI `Blob` for Node.JS.
  • campusbooks JavaScript Client for CampusBooks Partner API (v12).
  • highlight-cli cli for the highlight module
  • clan-quiz Quizomatic presents: A commandline version of The Clan Quiz
  • console returns `console` if present
  • ahr.browser An Abstract Http Request for Node.JS (httpClient) and the Browser (XMLHttpRequeuest2)
  • node-curl-cli Something to do the equivalent of a curl post
  • chainify The chainify module of FuturesJS (Ender.JS and Node.JS)
  • array-async FuturesJS/ArrayAsync - The diet cola of asynchronous array utilities.
  • location A Browser-esque location object
  • and 117 more
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