rpc streams with client/server or between peers (both sides act as client & server)

npm install p2p-rpc-stream
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Transport-agnostic RPC libraries utilizing node streams have already become quite popular. In my opinion, there is still a problem, though: What if I need to call methods from both ends? Create tow tcp servers? Ugly.

This little library provides RPC streams that you can use to do traditional client/server or to communicate between peers (both sides act as client & server).

var rpc = require('p2p-rpc-stream')
  , net = require('net')

// This node both
// a server ...

var server = rpc.createServer({
  echo: function(msg, reply) {
    reply(null, msg)
  hello: function(reply) {
    reply(null, 'hello.')

net.createServer(function(sock) {
  var rpc_conn = server.createStream()

  // ... and a client
  // at the same time!
  var client = rpc.createClient(server.id) // we need to know our own server

    .pipe(client) // send requests into the other direction and check for replies
    .pipe(rpc_conn) // check for requests and reply to them

  client.request('hello', function(er, res) {
    if(er) throw er // will return a Timeout error after some 5secs
var rpc = require('p2p-rpc-stream')
  , net = require('net')

var client = rpc.createClient()

var sock = net.connect({port: 3000}, function(sock) {


npm install p2p-rpc-stream


  • allow custom request timeouts

(c) 2013 by Marcel Klehr
MIT License

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