A single-page web app for visualising API references.

npm install papyr
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Papyr° is a single-page web application for visualising API documentation written as plain JSON. It can also mix-in examples and Markdown-written content (with just-in-time client-side rendering too!)

Getting Started

Getting your API documentation in 5 easy steps:

1) Install it from NPM:

$ npm install -g papyr

2) Create a JSON file describing your documentation:

$ cat > doc.json
{ "project": "Test"
, "version": "1.0.0-snapshot"
, "template": "default.jade"
, "output": "docs/build"
, "apis": [{ "licence": "MIT"
           , "repository": ""
           , "examples": "examples/"
           , "entities": [ "test.json" ] }]}

3) Put your API JSON files in the source folder you specified in the previous step.

$ cp ~/path/to/test.json test.json

4) Run the build step specifying the documentation JSON.

$ papyr build doc.json

5) Open the index.html file in your browser.

How does that JSON looks?

The JSON should be a list of Objects that match the interface Entity, as described in docs/api.doll. Fields besides id, name, kind and text are optional:



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