Standalone One-Liner HTTP Webserver for Node.JS that also handles media streaming and allows uploads

npm install served
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You Got ServeD!

served is a stand-alane command-line webserver

Think python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3000, but it can also handle streaming media (via Content-Range header) and accepts file uploads (very safely, see below).


npm install -g served


served [port] [/path/to/serve] # defaults to 3000 and the current directory


cd ~/Downloads
served 5555

Note: If /path/to/serve can be loaded as a connect module with require(), it will be. For example:

served 5555 /path/to/myapp.js

Note: Due to connectjs' security policy, you may not use relative paths to parent directories ../! Use either absolute or child-relative paths.

Receiving Files

Files will NOT be overwritten.

Files will be received to the filename they were posted as.

cd /tmp
served 5555 &

cd ~/
echo 'Hello Test World!' > hello-test.txt
curl http://localhost:5555/ignored-path/hello.txt \
  -X POST \
  --data-binary @hello-test.txt

cat /tmp/hello.txt
> Hello Test World!


Copyright (c) 2011 AJ ONeal under the MIT and Apachev2 Licenses.


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