A wrapper utility for interacting with plist data.

npm install simple-plist
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A simple API for interacting with binary and plain text plist data.


npm install simple-plist

Reading Data

var plist = require('simple-plist');

// Read data from a file (xml or binary)
var data = plist.readFileSync('/path/to/some.plist');
console.log( JSON.stringify(data) );

Writing Data

var plist = require('simple-plist'),
    data = plist.readFileSync('/path/to/some.plist');

// Write data to a xml file
plist.writeFileSync('/path/to/plaintext.plist', data);

// Write data to a binary plist file
plist.writeBinaryFileSync('/path/to/binary.plist', data);

Mutating Plists In Memory

var plist = require('simple-plist');

// Convert a Javascript object to a plist xml string
var xml = plist.stringify( {name: "Joe", answer:42} );
console.log(xml); // output is a valid plist xml string

// Convert a plist xml string to a Javascript object
var data = plist.parse("<plist><dict><key>name</key><string>Joe</string></dict></plist>");
console.log( JSON.stringify(data) );
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