Build utilities for Slakefiles.

npm install slake-build-utils
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These utilities allow you to write moar concise Slakefiles, by providing some common build utilities as a reusable library.


_    = require 'slake-build-utils'
fs   = _.fs
glob = require 'glob' .sync

defaults    = void
environment =
  package: require './package.json'

build = \src (file, source) -->
  source |> _.compile defaults
         |> _.expand-macros environment
         |> fs.write ( "lib/#file")
         |> _.minify defaults
         |> fs.write ( "lib/#file") 

task \build 'Builds JavaScript files out of LiveScript ones.' ->
  fs.initialise \lib
  for file in glob '**/*.ls', cwd: 'src' => build file


Just grab it from NPM:

$ npm install -d slake-build-utils


To compile everything from the source, you'll need LiveScript. Once you've installed that, just run the Slake build task, which should generate all the JavaScript files in the lib directory:

$ npm install -gd LiveScript
$ git clone git://
$ cd slake-build-utils
$ npm install -d
$ slake build


Slake-build-utils is licensed under the delicious and permissive MIT licence. You can happily copy, share, modify, sell or whatever — refer to the actual licence text for less information:

$ less LICENCE.txt
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