Wildcard matching tools

npm install wildcard
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Very simple wildcard matching, which is designed to provide the same functionality that is found in the eve eventing library.

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It works with strings:

wildcard('foo.*', 'foo.bar'); // true
wildcard('foo.*', 'foo'); // true


var testdata = [

wildcard('a.b.*', testdata); // ['a.b.c', 'a.b', 'a.b.d']

Objects (matching against keys):

var testdata = {
    'a.b.c' : {},
    'a.b'   : {},
    'a'     : {},
    'a.b.d' : {}

wildcard('a.*.c', testdata); // { 'a.b.c': {} }

While the library works in Node, if you are are looking for file-based wildcard matching then you should have a look at:


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