shells out to xprop to get X11 server properties (like resolution)

npm install xprop
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shells out to xprop to get the properties of x windows


var xprop = require('xprop')

// to fetch the resultion of your desktop xprop({prop:'_NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY',root:1},function(err,properties){

console.log(properties[0]); // prints something like // {key:'_NET_DESKTOP_GEOMETRY',value:'1920, 1080',type:'CARDINAL'} })

// get all available property names xprop.properties(function(err,data){ //

//todo nged on the desktop! stream = xprop.spy() stream.on('data',function(){ console.log('something changed on the desktop') })



on xprop being available and that you are running an X server`

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