Packages by andrewwinterman

  • bracket-stream given start and end symbols, emit the text between them as a single data event.
  • d3-link-register Implements a class to make working with the data structure expected by D3js graph layouts easier.
  • simple-scuttle Replicate state across a network with the scuttlebutt protocol.
  • scuttledemo A demo of the simple-scuttle module
  • d3.force-link-status convenience functions for analysis of d3.layout.force().links() arrays.
  • d3.force-nodes Operations to add and remove nodes (and their links) from d3 force directed graphs
  • object-dotpath A tiny little module which helps you use to retreive a deeply nested attribute from an object.
  • templatelanguage A tiny module that defines a templating language.
  • d3-mapping Utility to make working with d3 scales less painful
  • await-stream A stream which emits when each constituent stream has emitted.
  • vector-clock-class make yourself some VectorClock instances
  • format-stream a simple formatter, stream style.
  • d3.force-link-change Manipulate the links array in d3.force.layout objects
  • accum-transform concat-stream as a transform stream
  • scuttle-example An example of demoing the scuttlebut protocol
  • index-of-js mdn Array#prototyp#indexOf
  • new-from Modern version of dominictarr's from
  • inpatience Timebox processes in case they hang
  • github-oauth2 A utility to get Oauth2 tokens from github for use in api calls.
  • sentinal-stream A transform stream which segregates a sentinel value into its own 'data' event.
  • and 3 more
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