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  • json-safe-parse Parse JSON and silently ignore or error on reserved keys like hasOwnProperty, toString, etc.
  • auths Print authorizations granted to a user on an Illumos based operating system
  • raise Send a signal to the current process (see raise(3))
  • amass-smf A plugin for amass to expose SMF service information
  • autolinks Automatically turn URL's into links
  • fskv-client A Node fskv client
  • pkgin A Node.JS wrapper for pkgin specifically for SmartOS
  • latest Determine the latest available version of a package in npm
  • css-color-names A JSON Object of css color names mapped to their hex value
  • condexec Conditionally shell out an exec
  • dvorak Convert qwerty to dvorak and vice versa
  • tilde-expansion Expand a ~ character to a users home directory like bash
  • music-directory Serve your music over the web with a nice UI, or as JSON
  • protocol-numbers Assigned Internet Protocol Numbers (from
  • include Include/parse C header (.h) files
  • node-dtrace-examples Examples of node with dtrace probes inline.
  • wiiu-media-server An HTTP media server made specifically for the Wii U browser
  • access-log Add simple access logs to any http or https server
  • zpool Interface to ZFS zpools
  • etc-passwd Interface to read a standard Unix passwd and group file-format
  • and 64 more

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