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  • log-timestamp Prepend timestamps to functions like console.log, console.warn, etc
  • smf Expose smf(5) to Node.js for Solaris/Illumos based operating systems
  • untiny Untiny a URL
  • dnsgen Generate DNS files using json
  • etc-passwd Interface to read a standard Unix passwd and group file-format
  • raise Send a signal to the current process (see raise(3))
  • urlparse-cache Parse a url string using Node's builtin module and cache the results
  • music-directory Serve your music over the web with a nice UI, or as JSON
  • ptools Use Solaris/Illumos proc(1) tools in Node.js
  • lyrictagger Automatically add lyrics to music files
  • amass Amass system information and expose it as JSON
  • rgb2ryb [DEPRECATED] Convert colors in JavaScript from rgb to ryb and back
  • shell-escape Escape and stringify an array of arguments to be executed on the shell
  • wiiu-media-server An HTTP media server made specifically for the Wii U browser
  • xbmc-event-client XBMC EventServer API Client using UDP sockets
  • pkgin A Node.JS wrapper for pkgin specifically for SmartOS
  • xbox-hid-controller Original Xbox Controller API using node-hid HID device
  • iprange Generate an array of all ips in a given subnet
  • clear Clear the terminal screen if possible
  • exec Call a child process with the ease of exec and safety of spawn
  • and 64 more

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