Packages by bebraw

  • pingdom-api Pingdom API client
  • funkit Various utilities
  • mankees mankee see, mankee do
  • ioscript.js ioscript.js makes it easy to write IO scripts
  • object-sugar Sugary bits for JS Object
  • mocss Yet another CSS preprocessor
  • james-compile Compiler plugin for james.js
  • annotate Asserts your function invariants
  • drag.js Simple utility to make it easier to implement drag based things (ie. sliders and such)
  • webshotter Capture multiple screenshots per website
  • parse-env Parses configuration from env
  • annodoc Documentation generator for annotated modules
  • ghw Github wiki to HTML converter
  • annotate.js Asserts your function invariants
  • annozip Zips data into structure
  • jquery.caro Why we need yet another carousel plugin? Simply because I couldn't find one that fits my purposes. As a result caro.js was born. It does one thing better than the others, it scales according to your layout.
  • stalbum [![build status](]( # stalbum
  • grunt-adapter [![build status](]( # grunt-adapter
  • generators.js Data generators
  • colorjoe Scaleable color picker
  • and 33 more
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