Packages by bebraw

  • mocss Yet another CSS preprocessor
  • annois Generative type checkers for JavaScript
  • png2ico Converts pngs to icos
  • spyder Web indexer and scraper runner
  • jquery.caro Why we need yet another carousel plugin? Simply because I couldn't find one that fits my purposes. As a result caro.js was born. It does one thing better than the others, it scales according to your layout.
  • annoinject Injects dependencies to JavaScript modules and packages
  • annoops Annotated operands for JavaScript
  • stalbum [![build status](]( # stalbum
  • funkit Various utilities
  • rest-sugar rest-sugar makes it easy to implement yummy REST APIs
  • suite.js A minimalistic testing tool
  • sugar-spec Sugar database query layer specification
  • annostring Annotated string utilities for JavaScript
  • yayassg Yet another yet another static site generator
  • mankees-template Plugin template
  • webshotter Capture multiple screenshots per website
  • annofuzz Fuzzer for JavaScript
  • mojs JS precompiler with some extra syntax
  • ioscript.js ioscript.js makes it easy to write IO scripts
  • annogenerate Data generators
  • and 33 more
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