Packages by breck

  • bigfiles Quickly find the biggest files lurking deep in a directory.
  • dirtospace Encode a directory listing in Space.
  • expressfs Allow your browser to call fs.
  • markings A space based language for files and folders.
  • note Encode your data without syntax.
  • np-client NudgePad Client. GUI for NudgePad.
  • np-editor NudgePad Editor. Extends an express app to add APIs for easy editing of the files on the server.
  • np-panel NudgePad Panel. A node.js app for launching new apps.
  • np-proxy NudgePad Proxy. A node.js app that binds to port 80 and routes requests to correct apps.
  • np-proxy-register NudgePad Proxy Register. Extends an express app so that NP Proxy can start and stop your project on matter what port it is on.
  • np-system NudgePad system.
  • nudgepad Make websites, apps and more in your browser.
  • scraps A Space based HTML template language.
  • socketfs Allows your browser to watch a file.
  • space A lightweight language for objects
  • speedcoach Benchmark node.js modules to make them faster and lighter.
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