Packages by creationix

  • websocket-tcp-client A js-git tcp interface implementation that uses a server-side websocket to tcp proxy
  • git-publish-http A helper for using git-publisher in an HTTP server.
  • simple-stream-helpers Helpers that aid in unit tests for simple-stream based projects.
  • stack Stack is a minimal http module system for node.js
  • nstore nStore is a simple, in-process key/value database for node.js.
  • git-localdb A localStorage db for js-git.
  • vfs-http-transport
  • git-net JS-Git adapter to create remote instances from urls and platforms.
  • git-node A convenience wrapper for js-git preconfigured for node.js
  • grain Grain is an async framework for node.js template languages
  • wheat Git powered javascript blog.
  • min-stream-node node stream to min-stream adapters
  • c9 Cloud9 Local is out-of-order temporarily while we clean up the backend.
  • smith Smith is an RPC agent system for Node.JS used in architect and vfs.
  • min-stream-chrome min-stream bindings for chrome packaged apps
  • git-pkt-line pkt-line encoder and decoder as min-stream
  • git-fs-db A js-git interface adapter that implements db using fs.
  • js-github An implementation of the js-git interface that mounts a live github repo.
  • git-zlib zlib packaged in a format for js-git
  • js-git-node-platform Platform for js-git to run on node.js
  • and 93 more

Packages Starred by creationix

  • creationix Creationix is a meta package for my personal packages
  • jsonparse This is a pure-js JSON streaming parser for node.js
  • sdl SDL bindings for node
  • stack Stack is a minimal http module system for node.js
  • step A simple control-flow library for node.JS that makes parallel execution, serial execution, and error handling painless.
  • webgl webGL bindings for node
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