Packages by dandean

  • atlas Atlas sits on top of Backbone.js, adding features and enhancing the API
  • denby Pearson Denby was an American trapper who in 1830 discovered various deserters from the Duke of Wellington's army.
  • element-pants Some pants for your elements.
  • express-form Form validation and data filtering for Express
  • fspkg Export your file system as a CommonJS module or JSON object
  • gimmeuri Converts a file to a datauri and copies it to the clipboard.
  • guid A Guid generator and validator.
  • imagemagick-identify-parser Parses output from the `identify` program into an object.
  • json-transformer Functions for transforming JSON string formatting
  • mustachio Mustache templates (with View Helpers!)
  • object-additions Methods which extend the Object object.
  • tubbs Models with an API that I actually like.
  • tubbs-reststorage REST adaptor for Tubbs

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