Packages by danielchatfield

  • bleep A module to make the terminal bleep.
  • cmdify A small utility to help make spawning cross platform.
  • fixgit Small command line utility to make a github repo use the SSH git@github... syntax instead of the https://github.com syntax.
  • generator-appengine A generator for Yeoman
  • lofty A builder for WordPress plugins created with the Lava Framework.
  • make A Make implementation in Node for cross-platform compatibility.
  • newline A small module for detecting line endings in files.
  • npm-publish A cross platform script to publish NPM modules.
  • npm-sudo-fix A simple module for fixing permissions so that you can run npm without sudo.
  • release A small CLI to make releasing npm, bower, and PyPI components easy.
  • spawny A small wrapper around child_process.spawn with some helpful features.
  • spawnyo A small module for spawning yeoman generators, useful for writing generators that extend others.
  • sym A small utility for creating Symbolic links.
  • yeoman-conductor A module that let's you run a yeoman generator from another one.

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