Packages by dap

  • jsproplist Print property names used in a JavaScript source file
  • catstreams Concatenate data from multiple streams fetched concurrently
  • zsock A small library for opening Unix Domain Sockets in Solaris Zones.
  • uname SUSv3 uname binding
  • smfgen Generate an SMF manifest from a JSON description of the service
  • jsprim utilities for primitive JavaScript types
  • spawn-async spawn child processes asynchronously
  • libdtrace Solaris libdtrace bindings
  • illumos_contract contract(4) bindings
  • kstat illumos libkstat bindings
  • daggr aggregate data from text-based streams
  • skinner aggregate multi-dimensional data points
  • stackvis stack visualization tools
  • zoneid Binding for illumos zone-related library functions
  • fstree recursive filesystem operations
  • krill simple boolean filter language
  • zsock-async open Unix Doman Sockets inside illumos zones
  • dap-test-foo1
  • extsprintf extended POSIX-style sprintf
  • fuzzstream Induce corner-case behavior in a Readable stream consumer
  • and 15 more
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